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wildflower grass herb BANNER BORDER wildflower grass herb BANNER BORDER FREYA LINES Logo 2012 150dpi 15cm inspired by all things paper and nature words

Freya Lines is currently a Designer-Maker in her spare time.

She finds inspiration in all things paper & nature, particularly the delicate lines and forms of wildflowers, grasses & herbs. Enjoying multi disciplinary processes and the meditative quality in creating her work, Freya predominantly crafts bespoke paper cut works by hand and pencil & watercolour surface designs.


Freya has undertaken various commissions and projects for different clients, from bespoke paper crafted works for unique wedding decorations and anniversary gifts, to branding for logo's and website illustrations, along with artwork for various surfaces and products, including book covers, album artworks and greetings cards.

Having studied at the University of the Arts London, London College of Communication, graduating in 2010 with a

degree in Surface Design, Freya has worked for various designers and companies, (past and present) including Circleline Design Studio, Su Blackwell Studio, Ella Doran Design, Ladybird Likes, Emma Jeffs & Helen Minns.


You can contact Freya regarding design services, commissions & products by emailing her at Stay up to date with Freya’s design life on her Blog, Facebook & Instagram.

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